Here you can find information about the format and style of full papers for the 22nd Nordic Academy of Management Conference held in University of Iceland Reykjavík 21-23 August 2013.

It is important that authors follow the instructions at all times and it is recommended that the Conference template is used, which can be accessed by clicking  here.

Please send full papers to It is very important to state the track number in subject line and the number of the abstract of the paper.

The length of articles should be approx. 10-15 pages (4000-5000 words).

  •  Authors should submit articles as a pdf document (. pdf).
  •  Do not insert page numbers or other information in the header or footer of the document.
  •  Margins: Please adjust the margins so that the top margin is 1.9 cm, bottom margin is 3.17 cm, right margin is 1.9 cm and the left margin is 1.9 cm
  •  Spacing: Simple
  •  Paragraphs: Separate paragraphs with one empty line. Do not indent the first line of paragraph
  •  Font: Times New Roman. All text and headings should be in 12-point font size except the title of the article to be in 18-point font size.
  • Headings and text installation: Title of the paper is to be settled in the center, with large bold letters and 18 point font. After the title one empty line.
  •  Sources: Use the authorization system American psychology’s (APA reference style).