1. Governance of Modern Universities


2. Engaged scholarship


3. Change and Continuity Stability (C&C,S)


4. Management in knowledge intensive business services


5. Brands and the ethereal colonization of society


6. Consumer behavior research in the Nordic countries; What’s happening


7. The Transformation of Marketing Theoy and Practice in the Digital Era – Knowledge, Technology and Services


8. Fashion Marketing and Entrepreneurship


9. Entrepreneurship Education


10. Family Business Research


11. Researching Temporary Organizations and Project Practices


12. The business model eruption; how game changing mind sets challenge existing nodes of business


13. Practicing Restructuring and Downsizing


14. After NPM


15. Narrative leadership and organizational sense making


16. Writing novelty, novelty in writing. Reflecting and performing new ways of writing research


17. Changing practices of cultural industries Exploring the grey zone between culture and commerce


18. Qualitative Research in Financial Accounting


19.  Practices of  diversity and gender practices – eruption of contemporary workplaces


20. The development of Incentive systems in management practice of the Nordic countries


21. Nordic Practices of HRM


22. Management, information technology and change.


23. Market Microstructure


24. Dimensions of pricing


25. Responsibility in and around organizations


26. Redefining development and responsibility, Business as unusual


27. Corporate Social Responsibility


28. Business In Society


29. The Industrial


30. Managing Open


31. Open Track


32. Ph.D Workshop